Pizza Chef

Job description


Food sets the stage, drinks create the mood. The only thing we need is a friendly member of the TSH community!
The Commons Vienna is opening February/March 2020 with a fresh & buzzing Vienna Kitchen team in the 2nd District.

That means you can be part of the exciting first rounds of orders, events and genuine buzzing energy which you'll experience during restaurant opening.

We are The Commons!
The Commons is the space within The Student Hotel that connects people from all walks of life, bringing students, travelers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and neighborhood locals together over the joy of food, drinks and discovering the other passions we have in common. It is the every-bar/restaurant/café for everyone: laptop and coffee workspace for students, cocktail-bar for friends, lunch spot for business meetings, date night for lovers, and a casual group dining space for families of all kinds. It’s a place for drinks that lead to dinner that leads to who knows what… How do we achieve this familiar and welcoming anything-can-happen social environment? With awesomely fun, smart and motivated team members who embrace the spirit and bring it to life. We’re looking for people who love sharing and discovering new experiences, who easily connect with others, and who believe that laughter, just as much as fresh juices and salads, is an essential part of well-being and that variety, just as much as Sriracha and saffron, is the spice of life.

Why do we need you?

 We are looking for a skilled full time pizza chef with plenty of experience, preferably internationally. With your love for the pizza oven and your skills concerning the preparation of outstanding dishes, you will make things happen and exceed expectations. You enjoy being in the spotlight; in our open kitchen you’ll be the enthusiastic entertainer while making all kinds of delicious pizza’s! You are a team player and you have excellent communication skills. You are flexible over shifts with no restrictions to day of the week or time of the day.

How do you contribute to this? How does a day at The Commons like?

  • Preparation of dishes according to recipe and planning;
  • Carefully managing the pizza ovens while preparing pizza’s and other dishes; 
  • Work with other kitchen staff to smoothly and effectively achieve customer satisfaction;
  • Review ingredients that will be used and assist with receiving and storing of delivered goods;
  • Monitoring portion and waste control to maintain profit margins;
  • Helping the sous chef and head chef to develop menus and new pizza oven dishes;
  • Ensure compliance with all regulations concerning health, safety, or other requirements.



  • Experience in a similar role;
  • Ability to cook with fresh ingredients; 
  • An entertainer, you will work in an open kitchen with an audience ;) 
  • Legally allowed to work in Austria.

What do we offer you?

  • An amazing work place to come to every day where you will experience a great team environment with a fantastic vibe and lots of positive energy.
  • The opportunity to work at a dynamic, young, international organisation. We are a real game changer in the hospitality industry!
  • TSH cares and gives you access to facilities including a great canteen, gym opportunities and regular cool events.
  • Ready, set, grow! You will get the chance to learn and grow in your role (with the potential for growth within and across the company) and collaborate with other talented people who challenge you everyday. Besides all of the above you will get a market competitive salary.

Why TSH rules 

We live in a world where almost everything is always changing. The way we travel, study, live and work. People from all walks of life share the same passion: they love to connect! We believe in providing a fun, creative and inspiring environment where residents of all ages can live, work, play and grow. To achieve this we rely on an awesomely fun, smart and motivated team to embrace the student spirit and bring it to life. We believe in world peace and we aim to play our part in creating it! In the upcoming years we plan to grow by opening new hotels in the biggest student cities in Europe. In 2023 we aim to have 65 locations secured across Europe, 26,000 rooms and close to one million square meters of shared space. Our new TSHLIFE app and digital platform will connect nearly a million current and former co-living and co-working guests.

Be part of The Student Hotel! 

Excited? We’d be thrilled if you would apply! You can do this by clicking the apply button beneath, answering a couple of questions and sending your CV/LinkedIn.