Kitchen Steward (full-time)

Job description

We are looking for our Kitchen Steward Hero!

As a Steward you will be responsible for helping out our kitchen crew and service team to maintain an impeccable clean kitchen. You are the cog that keeps this crazy machine running smoothly! You are responsible to ensure that the chefs have clean pots and pans and our service team have all their glasses, plates and other items to give our guests the best service. All in all: you know what needs to be done behind the scenes!


  • Clean china, glassware and cutlery;
  • Tentative to breakage and waste materials and crockery;
  • Ensure proper storage of china, glassware, cutlery and other materials;
  • Clean kitchen materials and workbenches;
  • Sweep and mop the floors throughout the kitchen area;
  • Ensure hygiene according to HACCP regulations.


  • A fulltime dishwasher who is energetic, hard-working, organized and familiar with working in fast-paced environments;
  • You have a hands-on mindset and experience in working in similar high-volume restaurants; 
  • You are flexible over shifts with no restrictions to day of the week or time of day.

In addition to all the regular salary and benefit stuff that comes with the job, you also get:

  • The opportunity to work at a dynamic, international organisation. We’re not just another restaurant group, we’re a game changing innovator;
  • The chance to learn and grow in your role, with the potential for growth within or across an international company;
  • Cool events and fun team members!
  • The opportunity to pay Mystery Visits. To let you experience the TSH vibe as a guest, every new TSH member who works over 24 hours per week gets to do a mystery visit as a guest in one of our TSH locations for one night;
  • Free gym – You are free to use the TSH gym in the location you are working at. Get the blood pumping and bring your team members along!
  • Staff rates – There are staff rates for team members so you can experience our awesome hotels and game-changing restaurants!


The Pool is the space within The Student Hotel that connects people from all walks of life, bringing students, travelers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and neighborhood locals together over the joy of food, drinks and discovering the other passions we have in common. It is the every-bar/restaurant/café for everyone: laptop and coffee workspace for students, cocktail-bar for friends, lunch spot for business meetings, date night for lovers, and a casual group dining space for families of all kinds. It’s a place for drinks that lead to dinner that leads to who knows what…How do we achieve this familiar and welcoming anything-can-happen social environment? With awesomely fun, smart and motivated team members who embrace the spirit and bring it to life. We’re looking for people who love sharing and discovering new experiences, who easily connect with others, and who believe that laughter, just as much as fresh juices and salads, is an essential part of well-being and that variety, just as much as Sriracha and saffron, is the spice of life.

Great! Send your CV and a short cover letter telling us why you’re made for this role!